News 2021

29 Mar 2021

InnoWaggon offer becomes even “broader”

The InnoWaggon family is constantly being expanded. Not only different lengths, but also different gauges are part of the Innofreight wagon portfolio.

In addition to the standard gauge, the InnoWaggons are also available as FinnoWaggons, adapted to the Finnish/Russian broad gauge and, since the end of 2020, also as IberoWaggons, specially developed for the Iberian broad gauge. This means that now the InnoWaggons can roll across Europe on all three common gauges and transport a wide variety of goods in all European countries.

In the north, the FinnoWaggons are on track for VR Transpoint. Currently, 23 FinnoWagons equipped with new WoodTainers XM are rolling on Finnish rails – until the end of the year these capacities will be increased and 50 FinnoWaggons should be on track. With these light-weight wagons rail freight transport in Finland can be revolutionized in a cost-efficient and modern way. “The same amount of goods can now be transported with fewer trains,” said VR Transpoint Senior Vice President Martti Koskinen in an official press release.

With the IberoWaggon, adapted to the Iberian broad gauge, Innofreight conquered the west as well. In Spain and Portugal GigaWood wagons are transporting timber for Takargo Rail.

The InnoWaggons are therefore available in three track widths and three different lengths each. But that is far from the end. A new and optimized 2×30 ft InnoWaggon was developed for DB Cargo and delivered for the first time at the beginning of this year. An additional extension of the wagon fleet is planned for 2022: A one-piece 80 ft Sggns InnoWaggon for even higher payload.

No matter which country – no matter what track gauge – no matter what goods: Innofreight has the perfect solution ready.

(c) Picture 2:  J.S. Sevillano