“Innofreight with its innovative solutions in the field of state-of-the-art rail equipment, supports the development of SŽ-Tovorni promet as a provider of complete logistics solutions. We are looking forward to WORK CLOSELY WITH INNOFREIGHT’S PROFESSIONAL AND HIGHLY MOTIVATED TEAM to continue developing competitive services tailored to customer’s needs.”

SŽ-Tovorni promet d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Innofreight supports DB Cargo AG with the expansion and modernization of the freight wagon fleet with its innovative, capacity-optimized modular platform solutions. The cooperation, which started in 2017, is characterized by A SOLUTION-ORIENTED, DETERMINED AND TRUSTFUL COOPERATION.”

DB Cargo AG, Mainz, Germany

“We are pleased to be partners with Innofreight in developing and implementing INNOVATIVE TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS. You can claim to have helped to shape and develop the railroad world – that is a life-long achievement.”

VTG Rail Logistics Austria GmbH

“Innofreight – a company with a great potential, innovative ideas, unconventional approach, which have literally MOVED THE RAILWAY WORLD.”

Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad, Slovak Republic

“Innofreight and its people are innovative, full of ideas and future oriented. We share common values, which is important for long lasting partnership. We are glad that we can share our 30-year tradition and experience with Innofreight and their vision. THERE IS A BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD. We are happy that we could develop and work together.”

Duler d.o.o. Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

“We really appreciate the corporation with Innofreight for our transport needs. We are looking forward to INCREASING THE NUMBER OF TRANSPORTS and it is our pleasure to cooperate with a company, such as Innofreight.”

Kronospan CR, spol. s r.o, Jihlava, Czech Republic

“We value the existing cooperation VERY POSITIVELY AND BENEFICIALLY FOR BOTH SIDES. We appreciate the professionalism of the Innofreight team and we are happy to cooperate with Innofreight in the future as well.”

Mondi Štĕtí, Štětí, Czech Republic

“Innofreight is for us the most innovative company to create new railway solutions, always open minded, solution oriented and driven by a highly motivated and inspired team. WE LIKE TO WORK WITH THEM!”

Mondi, Vienna, Austria

“The company Innofreight supplied the coal unloading technology to EOP power station, for the first time in the Czech Republic. As it was the first installation in the Czech Republic, we had to face many problems together. Nevertheless, each problem was discussed, the technical solution was fine-tuned and Innofreight modified or supplied the required technical solution. There were no problems with language barriers as the Innofreight team are able to speak many languages. The result of this EXCELLENT COOPERATION is a functioning coal unloading machine which the Client required.”

Kraftwerk Opatovice, Czech Republic

“Innofreight brings us years of partnership and motivation for MOVING BOUNDARIES IN LOGISTICS.”

Papierholz Austria GmbH, Austria          

“Innofreight is:

• the most important partner in innovations. They changed our view of rail transport.
• a model of fair cooperation.
• real partner on our way to the future. FOR THEM IS EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.”

SLOVWOOD Ružomberok, a.s., Ružomberok, Slovak Republic

“We are thankful that Innofreight implemented a stationary unloading machine, which became an integral part of the coal handling. This project FULFILLED ALL OUR EXPECTATIONS. We rely on the constructive and professional approach of Innofreight.”

EP CARGO a.s., Czech Republic

“We appreciate the collaborative climate of the people at Innofreight, they have a strong focus in finding THE BEST SOLUTIONS.”

Green Cargo AB, Solna, Sweden

“With Innofreight, we have chosen a partner that provides us with optimal advice to meet the transport needs of K+S in a challenging market environment. Innofreight offers tailor-made solutions to our transport requirements.”

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, Kassel, Germany