Building Material Solutions

Building Materials

Grit, sand, gypsum, slag sand, feldspar and much more – the building materials industry is dependent on a wide variety of raw materials. With our overall logistics offers, all necessary raw materials can be transported without problems. As always, the base is our InnoWaggon in the customized variation.

Over the years we have developed various types of containers in order to guarantee the ideal supply of raw materials. The innovations for this area include MonTainer, RockTainer SAND, RockTainer INFRA and the CityLogistics Container.


RockTainer SAND

Our RockTainer SAND is ideal for sand and gravel. With a maximum payload of 134.4 tonnes per double wagon, large quantities can be transported without any problems. With conventional containers or on trucks this would be impossible. The unloading takes place in a deep bunker.

RockTainer INFRA

The RockTainer INFRA is mainly used for track ballast. These containers enable metered unloading through unloading chutes. The possible payload per double wagon is 136 tons.

CityLogistics Container

Of course, there are not always loading and unloading options right next to the rails. That is why we also rely on intermodal transport. The CityLogistics container can be transported both by rail and on the road using trucks. This greatly increases flexibility. It is used for the transport of building materials, excavation and rubble. These containers can be unloaded using a truck tipping chassis.


The MonTainer family is also optimized for the transport of construction materials. Unloading is carried out by means of rotary unloading forklifts or a stationary unloading machine. As an integrated logistics solution, this system is also designed so that the containers together with the InnoWagons allow optimum payloads with minimized train lengths.

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