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It is the development of innovative containers and unloading systems in cooperation with our customers that serves as a focus of our company’s operational activities.

We specialize in innovative, patented logistics systems and systems for transportation of goods. From the very idea to a concept, through its implementation and last but not least the service – we are the perfect business partner for you. The secret of our success is flexibility, high capacity utilization as well as a smoothly running transport system – all these factors being a result of both the combinability and the modular character of our systems as well as various unloading techniques.

Share your logistic challenges with us– together we will produce an optimal solution!



Concentrate upon YOUR core competence and we will take care of the rest. Individually tailored logistics solutions ensure a smooth transportation process. Your logistics challenges are OUR core competence.



Every day we are there for you with as many as 150 block trains in Europe. Innofreight is a powerful partner.



More than 15 years of experience and countless projects with various partners have helped us improve our know-how.



Thanks to our logistics solutions we make a substantial contribution to the environment by shifting the traffic from roads to rails and at the same time reducing the CO2 emissions. Innofreight thinks of the future.



It is the combinability and the modular character of Innofreight’s solutions that ensure both high capacity utilization and flexibility. That is the key to your success.


Once again, we started very small: with the founding of the company in 2002, things went steadily uphill. True to our motto “Moving Limits” one could summarize the past years best.

Although the initial focus was still on the wood industry, the limits of what is possible have since significantly extended. From agriculture and building materials, through to transport of steel, energy products, and liquids, today there is hardly any material that is not transported by our InnoWaggons and the associated container systems.

In the future with the Project ITECCO, part of the EU Research and Innovation programme “Horizon 2020 SME Instrument”, new railway logistics system solutions will be created and a general European standard for rail logistics will be revolutionized. Thus, in 2017, there was also time for organizational restructuring. Innofreight Speditions GmbH was transformed into Innofreight Solutions GmbH and five of its own subsidiaries were established in order to provide more customer proximity and even more internationality in the future.


Here you will find issues of our annual review, where we have put together all the highlights for you.