Liquids Solutions


Of course, our modular concept also works for the transport of a wide variety of liquids. Starting with transport solutions for slurry, an important substance for the paper industry, containers for salty surface water or tanks for the transportation of acids. SlurryTainer, SurfaceWaterTank and AcidTainer offer the right solution for different liquids, depending on your needs.

In the future, we will also work on innovative solutions for liquid mineral oil products as dangerous goods and further optimize transport solutions on the European market.



Slurry (lime milk) is an important filler in the paper industry and is being used as a coating pigment. The SlurryTainers allow a load of up to 142 tons per double wagon and the unloading is very easy because of pressureless gravity unloading.

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Surface water contaminated with salts must also be transported safely. For this particular case we have developed the SurfaceWaterTank and put it on track. One of these containers holds up to 62,000 litres of liquid and offers the ideal transport solution. The discharge takes place by gravity, or pumbing out a hose connection.


The AcidTainer was put on rails for the first time in Finland and transports different acids. Adapted to the Finnish / Russian broad gauge, these containers allow a payload of up to 136 tons per double wagon and contain phosphoric acid, nitric acid or sulfuric acid. The unloading takes place, the same way as the SurfaceWaterTank is being unloaded with gravity or pumping resp. sucking out.