Agriculture and ChemicalSolutions

Agriculture and Chemicals

Agricultural and chemical transports also play an important role in rail freight transport. Our AgroTainer Open Top with doors offers the best options for transporting sugar beet. These containers are multifunctional and can be exchanged depending on the season. Thanks to our modular concept, existing resources can be used optimally and cost-effectively.

The same applies to the transport of abrasive and corrosive substances. Our ChemieTainer, for which we have also developed a special unloading system, offers the optimized solution. Thus, we not only guarantee maximum flexibility for all work steps, but also the greatest possible safety when handling our equipment.


AgroTainer Open Top with doors

Our AgroTainers Open Top with door are used to transport sugar beets, grain, sugar and palletized goods. Up to 66 tons payload per wagon and a loading volume of 50 m³ are possible with these containers. Unloading is works with an excavator.


Our ChemieTainer is used for the transport of corrosive and abrasive materials. With a loading volume of 32.5 m³ per container, a payload of up to 139.1 tons is possible on a double wagon.
In addition, we have also developed a special unloading system for this container, which consists of a terminal tractor, a translifter and a cassette. It enables particular flexibility for the “last kilometer”. Because the unloading does not take place on the rail, the wagon is also protected from the corrosive materials. The whole process can be controlled with a remote control, raising work safety to a new level.

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