Timber Solutions


Our company started in the timber industry, for which it optimised woodchip transport logistics systems.

For this purpose, we invented our WoodTainer system in 2002, which represents a combination of volume-optimised special containers and efficient, dependable unloading systems. Due to its high levels of efficiency, the WoodTainer system soon became our customers’ first choice for logistic challenges – not just in Austria, but also in countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

The timber industry remains an important pillar of our business even though our services now extend far beyond woodchip transport solutions. Additionally, we offer solutions for the transport of log wood (from 2 to 6 m in length), waste wood and waste paper. Compared to woodchip transports, the transport of log wood is becoming more and more popular with customers.

Innofreight’s log wood pallet system works as a modular concept – a combination of pallet superstructures and container carrying wagons (or InnoWaggons on the Swedish market) allows for the maximum utilisation of the permissible payload weight in rail transport while it guarantees impressive flexibility in the field of container transport.