Timber Solutions


Regardless of the form in which wood has to be transported – our solutions for the pulp and paper industry are just as diverse as the industry itself. In order to meet all requirements, we have developed containers and pallets that are designed to make optimal use of all conditions. The aim is to offer our customers total logistics solutions that are ideally tailored to their needs.

Our InnoWaggons form the basis and our WoodTainer system is optimized for the transport of wood chips. If timber is being transported, we rely on the powerful Smart GigaWood, which allows up to 30 percent more payload than conventional wagons.



The WoodTainer system for transporting wood chips consists of a combination of payload-optimized special containers and efficient, reliable unloading systems. This system has already proven itself in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy and Switzerland. The containers are available in different sizes and form the ideal transport solution.

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Smart GigaWood

Our Smart GigaWoods are used to transport timber in different lengths. This giant on rails allows up to 30 percent more payload than conventional wagons and can be used on all three common track gauges in Europe. Timber from two up to twelve meters can be transported without any problems. Specially designed stanchions and the elimination of tension belts increase work safety immensely. Well-known companies from Sweden to Romania are already relying on this giant, and the number keeps growing.

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AgroTainer Open Top

There is also the option of using our AgroTainer Open Top for two-meter short timber. These containers allow a payload of up to 66 tons and a loading volume of 50m3 per container. They can be used intermodally and transported on the road as well. The unloading takes place with an excavator.


Three, four or five or six meter long timber can also be transported with our timber pallets. There is space for four pallets on one wagon, which can carry loads of up to 68 tons. The timber pallets are unloaded using a log lifter or log stacker.

Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn

The SmartGigaWood Round & Sawn combines the high loading volume of Innofreight’s SmartGigaWood series with the ability to transport sawn timber packages to minimize empty wagon runs.

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