Energy Solutions


Overall logistics solutions for the energy sector are also part of our extensive product range. Alternative energy sources in particular are becoming increasingly relevant for the future. Biomass in the form of wood is considered the oldest energy source in the world. Until fossil fuels were used for energy production, wood was the only source of heat. That is why, at the moment, our focus is on expanding transport solutions for wood chips as a biomass supplier. We are optimizing these logistics solutions for our customers to make environmentally friendly operations even easier and more attractive.

In this way, we also want to do justice to the concept of sustainability. Not only will transports be shifted from road to rail, but the options for rail freight transport will be expanded even further. In addition, there are also containers for transporting coke and coal.



The WoodTainer systems are available in a wide range of sizes and are particularly suitable for transporting light bulk materials, which makes this family of containers the optimal transport solution for biomass in the form of wood chips. Unloading is carried by a rotary unloading forklift or a stationary unloading machine.

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The MonTainer family is primarily optimized for the transport of coke and coal. The unloading works with a forklift or a stationary unloading system. As an overall logistics solution, this system is also designed in a way that the containers, together with the InnoWaggons, optimized payload with minimized train lengths.

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With a maximum payload of 136 tons per double wagon, the ScrapTainer can be used for coal and coke transports. The volume per container is 71.3 m³ and the ScrapTainer can be unloaded with a crane.

BoxOnBox system

To minimize empty runs, the unloaded BoxOnBox system can be stacked on top of each other. This creates free space on the wagon, which can be filled with another full container. In this way, a train can transport materials in any direction and does not return to the loading point empty.