News 2021

25 May 2021

Maximum payload on a narrow track

Borders are there to be crossed. No matter how narrow the tracks are, what you put on top is a completely different topic. For example, with a track gauge of only 760 millimetres, as it is the case in the Tyrolean Zillertal. With a special configuration of our Smart GigaWoods, in combination with the flat wagons of the Zillertalbahn, we have created a possibility to enable optimized payload despite the narrow gauge. One wagon replaces two trucks that would otherwise be on the road every day.

From the beginning of May, the Zillertal railway will transport three sets of timber, each with ten wagons, to the Binderholz sawmill in F├╝gen. One wagon allows a payload of up to 41.4 tons.

20,000 trucks per year can be cut down with this relocation to the rails and the traffic on the Zillertalstrasse, the people living there and our environment are permanently relieved.