News 2021

11 Aug 2021

Old becomes new: Make-over for our very first WoodTainer

Our WoodTainers have been in service since 2004, transporting tons of wood chips throughout Europe. 17 years later, the first WoodTainer XXL has returned to service and now presents itself in new splendor. At the terminal St. Michael (AUT), the containers are being given a second life in line with the motto “Sustainability through Refurbishment”.

Every year, our Service Team refurbishes or converts up to 600 containers. Customer requirements are changing and we are responding to these changes as sustainably as possible. In addition to newly produced equipment, old containers are also rebuilt, repainted and released onto the rails a second time with a new look.

Containers and pallet systems optimized for wood transport have been developed since Innofreight was founded. The WoodTainer XXL is without a doubt the oldest member of the fleet. A member of the fleet that has more than proven itself over the years. More than 3500 of these containers are now in use throughout Europe.

After 17 years on the rails, the first WoodTainer is now shining again in its old glory and sends a clear message: old does not always have to stay old.