News 2021

5 Feb 2021

Focus digitization

Every industry insists on adapting its services to the digital standard of our time. We hear about industry 4.0 more and more often. With the establishment of Innofreight IT Solutions GmbH, the digital plus is integrated into the large Innofreight package and digitalization is finally being realized in rail freight transport.

In 2021 the Innofreight fleet will gradually be equipped with sensors that, among other things, determine the location or the loading status of the wagons. This means that real-time data can be accessed 24/7, which makes it possible to design logistics processes even more efficiently for both, our customers and us – a small digital plus with a big impact.

The aim is to integrate all Innofreight services into new business models with digitization, and the foundation for this was laid with the establishment of Innofreight IT Solutions GmbH.