News 2014

3 Oct 2014

Series production of ORE RockTainer and Innowaggon for voestalpine

It was on 2nd October, during a railshow, when the first new ore train for voestapline consisting of the InnoWaggon and the ORE RockTainer was launched by Mr Reinhard Bamberger, member of the Management Board of Rail-Cargo-Group; Mr Jörg Kirchweger, General Manager of the Voestalpine Steel Service Center Group and Mr Peter Wanek-Pusset, General Manager of Innofreight Spedition.

Achieving the load amounting to 138 tonnes for the double waggon was possible only thanks to the alform welding systems developed by Voestalpine which combine high-strength construction steel and welding additive materials optimized for this very purpose. Rail-Cargo-Group employs the InnoWaggons with the ORE RockTainer for the transportation of iron ore to both locations, namely Linz and Donawitz. By the middle of the year 2015, in the first production lot, as many as 100 units are to be manufactured.

That will contribute to the expansion of the area where the InnoWaggons manufactured by ÖBB-TS in Miskolc are employed. Another set intended for the transportation of sand and gravel will be employed from 8th October as a part of the railway and urban development project Stuttgart 21.