News 2014

9 Jul 2014

Inauguration of InnoWaggon at Knauf in Weißenbach bei Liezen

InnoWaggon starts running. The new wagons produced by ÖBB TS in Miskolc (H) start running.On 08th of July the first transport of gypsum to Knauf was celebrated together with 250 national and international guests.

The slogan of the event was: Railexperience meets Innovation. This means the cooperation between RailCargoGroup and Innofreight; it is the goal to define together with the new innovative wagons and containers a new level of logistic service in railfreight transport for the customers. The short coupled 80ft-wagons are very light, in combination with Innofreight container-systems and due to the first time use of high-strength alform® steels of voestalpine, these innovative technologies offer 10% higher payload compared to existing wagons and perfect process-reliable unloading technology, especially in winter time.

The InnoWaggons have international authorization according to latest TSI-standards and will be in service also for iron ore transport for the steel industry in autumn – the modular concept developed by Innofreight makes it possible – one wagon for different purposes!