News 2014

11 Oct 2014

Innowaggons employed as a part of Stuttgart 21

It was on 10th October when a special event took place – the representatives of both ÖBB-Rail-Cargo-Group and Innofreight handed over the new InnoWaggons to Fa. Kalmar.

This block train which consists of 10 double waggons is expected to transport approximately 200,000 tonnes of sand and gravel to the construction sites of the railway and urban development project Stuttgart 21 on an annual basis. The traction will be provided by the railway services of Stuttgart.

That is the first international project in which the new InnoWaggons are involved. The unloading of the WoodTainers takes place in the Port of Stuttgart. For this very purpose the reliable rotary unloading trucks technology will be applied.

The plans for 2015 include further development of the transportation. It concerns especially the transportation of excavated materials from tunnel boring machines to landfills.