News 2013

7 Oct 2013

Nomination for the Fast Forward Award and National Mobility Award

The presentation of both awards that Innofreight was nominated for is planned for 12th September 2013. The InnoWaggon Project was nominated for the FFA 2013. The Innovation Award of the state of Styria is given for exceptionally innovative ideas. What is so remarkable about the InnoWaggon is its multifunctionality and versatility when combined with the Innofreight’s container system. The load can be increased by 15% in comparison to that of the waggons that are currently in use.

The nomination for the Freightjet Project (a project carried out in cooperation with ÖBB) for the National Mobility Award 2013 includes the universal application of multimodal container technologies with the essential component, i.e. InnoWaggon, which was designed to reduce the number of the types of wagons used by a modern rail transport company.

Due to the optimisation of the load we can cut down on every eighth train run and this means a substantial saving of CO2 as well as it creates new capacities for other trains on the existing infrastructure.