News 2013

10 Oct 2013

The Innovative Ore Waggon from Innofreight – RockTainer ORE

For the purpose of the heavy bulk cargo transportation unloaded into deep bunkers, Innofreight developed the ORE RockTainer.

With the total weight amounting to only 20 tonnes, it is possible to load as much as 70 tonnes of iron ore per InnoWaggon on the track class D. Thanks to the high strength structural steel produced by voestalpine we were able to reduce the initial dead load of the RockTainer ORE by 20%.

It is this technology that allows Innofreight to improve the usability of the InnoWaggon. The reliable WoodTainer System with rotary unloading, the steel pallets, the RockTainer INFRA for the dosed gravity unloading as well as the newly introduced RockTainer ORE for the swift unloading create a modular system. It is the customer who decides what kind of unloading technology should be employed – always the same base wagon is used.

In the 2nd quarter of the year 2014 we will deliver the first production car – currently the InnoWaggon is subject to the ongoing approval process of compliance with the TSI regulations.