News 2016

20 Jun 2016

FinnoWaggon – Cooperation between VR Transpoint and Innofreight

VR Transpoint and Innofreight sealed the deal and confirmed their cooperation aimed at developing a new freight wagon for the rail transport in Finland by executing a joint Cooperation Agreement on 19th June 2016.

The main purpose of this cooperation is to develop a new model of the InnoWaggon called the FinnoWaggon which is tailored specifically to the Finnish broad gauge railway network. Thus, the Finnish rail transport will also seize the opportunity to benefit from the advantages offered by the modular character of Innofreight’s systems and solutions.

The Agreement provides both that the prototype shall be developed until the end of 2016 and that, subsequently, as many as 50 double waggons shall be manufactured. Furthermore, the cooperation includes also the development and the ensuing lease of the required containers. VS Transpoint intends to employ the modular container system in all the promising areas of business. Moreover, the new waggons will replace the old ones, especially as far as the tank waggons are concerned – we will focus on adjusting the InnoTank to the Finnish railway network.

The Cooperation Agreement was executed by Rolf Jansson, President of VR Transpoint, Tero Kosonen, Director of VR Business Development, and Innofreight’s Management, Bernhard Grentner, General Manager, and Gerald Petschner, Business Development InnoWaggon.

We appreciate the confidence you placed in us and look forward to our future cooperation!