News 2020

21 Jul 2020

BoxInBox tested sucessfully

Minimizing empty runs in freight transport to work environmentally friendly. Our “BoxInBox” concept aims to do just that. At the end of May, the prototype was tested extensively and very successfully at the port of Koper.

A special container that transports coal and iron ore is no longer a novelty. However new is that this containers do not run empty on the return journey, as it has been the case until now, but rather Transport ISO sea-containers loaded with goods. This “BoxInBox” concept enables a significant reduction of empty runs and, as a result, a reduction in transport costs.

Developed for voestalpine Linz, this new system was successfully tested together with the team from the port of Koper in Slovenia and will be further developed in the future to overcome last challenges. At the moment, the cleaning process of the BoxInBox-Container is still a challenge and we are working on a solution intensively.

The port team is also enthusiastic about the new containers and says: “No worries. You can bring as many as we have space for – welcome to the port of Koper.”