News 2020

8 Sep 2020

80ft wagon to expand our InnoWaggon family

Our equipment can be used in many ways. The most recent loading attempts with an 80ft wagon have shown how diverse it is.

The one-piece 80ft Sggrss wagon complements our InnoWaggon family perfectly. It offers a wide variety of loading options and we have tested these over the past few weeks.

To optimize the transport of bulk goods such as woodchips, up to four 20ft containers can be transported on a wagon. If you use our City Logistics Containers, the high payload can be combined with our innovative unloading solutions.

If you equip the 80ft wagons with Innofreight pallets, flexibility increases again. Goods such as pipes, rails, billets, or steel with a length of up to 25m can be transported – always in close coordination with the loading and unloading technology of our customers.

We keep testing what is actually possible with our equipment so we can continue to offer the most flexible variations:

Innovation for now and for the future.