News 2018

15 Nov 2018

Innofreight supports the Piteå IF Ladies

Innofreight Scandinavia has supported Piteå IF ladies at the Top league in Sweden since the company started in 2017.  This year they took the first victory as Swedish Champions – also the first time for a team from this far North in Sweden to become football champions.

On the 27th October Piteå made the biggest victory of this year with a 6:1 success in front of nearly 3900 people at the stadium. The Piteå Dream of GOLD became reality at the best possible way.

An additional success story was that the centre-back, Faith Ikidi, has been chosen as the player of the year. During the whole season, she showed a high-class leadership, and respect to the opponents and referees – independent of result. By her winning focus, fighting spirit and skill in the defense line she contributed strongly to the success of Piteå!

As a result of this victory, Piteå will play in Champions League next year – exactly as Innofreight!