News 2018

26 Nov 2018

Ceremonial opening of a brown coal logistics system at the Chvaletice power plant

On 16th April 2018, the new brown coal logistics system at the Chvaletice power plant in Eastern Bohemia (the Czech Republic) was officially opened. Half a year and almost 2 million unloaded tons later, the business partners of Sev.en EC, ČD Cargo and Innofreight, have met on 21st November 2018 to witness the ceremonial opening of the stationary unloading station. Over 50 guests arrived from plants all over Europe, also relying on Innofreight technology or who are in an implementation phase at the moment.

The cooperation with Innofreight offers the end customers a whole solution including the InnoWaggons, MonTainer and a stationary unloading station as well as a pushing robot. This equipment enables to transport more than 4 million tons of brown coal per year by rail with a total of 100 InnoWaggons. The container tilting system ensures process-reliable winter operation even at very low temperatures and brings significant improvements in terms of safety at work during the unloading process.

We would like to thank to all those involved for their outstanding performance and the promising cooperation!