News 2018

24 Oct 2018

Smart GigaWood – new innovative 90ft InnoWaggons in use for timber transport

The new InnoWaggons 90ft are equipped with stanchions for wood lengths from 2.4m upwards. A significant advantage is the absence of tension belts – the 3m high stanchions, the end walls and no saddle loading guarantee maximum safety at work, the loading and unloading can be done easier and faster.

The weight of short double wagons is optimized (about 19t per half-wagon) and they have an increased loading profile (loading cross-section about 8m2), so that the payload can be increased by up to 50% per block train: with 20 double wagons on track class C up to 2.400t timber will be transported at 600m train length, until now used timber wagons have a max. net payload per block train of 1,600t.

The start of series delivery of the new 90ft Smart GigaWood roundwood wagons will take place in the first quarter of 2019.