News 2023

12 Oct 2023

Grain transport on rail

As an alternative to traditional hoppers, Innofreight has developed several solutions to meet the demand for grain transport throughout Europe.

Last week, Valdis Dombrovskis, executive vice president of the European Commission, visited the Dobrà transport terminal in Slovakia. During his visit, our GrainTainers were loaded to show the possibilities for grain transport on rail. With our modular system, the loaded container can be used on both broad and normal gauge – it is only needed to swap the wagon. This reduces loading and unloading times and can speed up transport flows. Here is a short overview of our solutions:

GrainTainer Generation 1

Our first GrainTainer offers a high payload of 23 tons of grain per container and a volume of 33 m³. The grain is loaded from above through a silo in three openings, and the unloading is carried out by gravity via six flaps located on the long sides of the container.

GrainTainer Generation 2

The further development of our GrainTainer offers an even higher volume of 41 m³ and fully utilizes the payload of the InnoWaggon. They are also loaded from three inlets on top of the roof. Unloading is carried out on the short side of the container and handled with a standard reachsteaker, our rotary forklift or a portrotator (adapter on the portal crane).

Both GrainTainers are waterproof and painted with a special paint for the transport of food.

WoodTainer XXL with big bag

For a quick and easy-to-implement solution, we equip our WoodTainers XXL with big bags. This waterproof solution offers a volume of 45 m³ for the transport of grain or pellets. Currently, the big bags are used in Poland for the transport of wood pellets sensitive to moisture.