News 2023

2 Oct 2023

Giants for ProTrain – Smart GigaWood Sweden

Our Smart GigaWood system is the proven solution for round wood transports. For our new Swedish client, ProTrain, we delivered 10 pieces of 2×40 InnoWaggons with the Smart GigaWood stanchion system in Bräcke, Sweden. The railway operator will transport timber and pulp wood for its customers in the wood industry. ProTrain is educating train drivers and creates efficient solutions for railway transport, focusing on flexibility and agility.

Flexibility and agility are also keywords for the Smart GigaWood system. Through the use of wide and tall stanchions, one block train can load up to 30 percent more wood compared to conventional wagons. The lightweight InnoWaggons in combination with the optimized volume, enable a maximum payload of up to 142.1 tons per InnoWaggon.

The specially designed stanchions eliminate the need for belts, and no person has to get close to the heavy loads. This speeds up loading and unloading significantly while making a huge contribution to increasing work safety. Depending on the length of the transported wood, the stanchion system can be customized to transport wood with a length of 2,5 to 12 meters.


Picture 1: Oskar Olofsson, Innofreight and Björn Johansson, ProTrain.