News 2015

9 Oct 2015

RailShow during the Symposium on Industrial Sidings at Sappi, Gratkorn

It was on 8th October 2015, during the 5th Syposium on Industrial Sidings organised by the Association of Industrial Sidings Companies (VABU), Austria, hosted by Sappi in Gratkorn, when Rail Cargo’s and Innofreight’s joint RailShow took place. More than 200 guests accepted the invitation to experience firsthand the railway technology of the 21st century.

The day began with numerous interesting presentations given during the symposium in the arts and leisure centre in Gratkorn. After a joint dinner the participants were taken with shuttle buses to see the RailShow in Sappi’s lumberyard. That was where the visitors could gain their first impressions about Innofreight’s equipment.

After the welcome speech and several addresses held by the management boards and managing directors, the guests welcomed an approaching train equipped with a large product portfolio presenting innovations in the field of rail freight transport.

Another highlight of the RailShow was the launching of the first Innofreight Robot. It was a special moment, particularly for Innofreight’s most ‘sprightly‘ employees, since the Robot was named after them. ‘Seppi’ will start operating for voestalpine in Donawitz from November 2015.

We would like to thank our host, Sappi, for a successful and long-standing cooperation, all the guests for coming and all the persons involved for their support!