News 2019

21 May 2019

InnoInnofreight shows strong presence at the transport logistic, 4th-7th June 2019

At the fair transport and logistic 2019 in Munich, Innofreight will be present with several innovative rail transports and unloading systems.

At the Swiss Movers’ stand (FGL 804/1, track 1/4) the 2×45 ft InnoWaggon “Smart GigaWood” will be presented to the public. This vehicle, which comes equipped with digital features and which has been adapted for central European standards, is a unique rail wagon developed by Innofreight, and has a modular stanchion structure for the transportation of timber.

Also, Coil pallets, the 20 ft ChemieTainer and the 20 ft MonTainer ORE can be seen at the Tatravagónka booth (FGL 2/7) on a 2×40 ft InnoWaggon.

At the VTG booth (FGL 2/2), Innofreight will present 2 further innovative transport solutions: the SlurryTainer and InnoTainer Coils on a shorter 2×30 ft InnoWaggon. The SlurryTainer is a tank container made of stainless steel for a load of 71t of calcium carbonate filler for the paper industry. The InnoTainer Coils is equipped with 3 loading cradles. Together with a tarpaulin cover, the transport of moisture-sensitive coils is optimized.

Advantages for the user include the separation of the container from the wagon, a higher total payload, a homogeneous fleet and a high degree of work safety. The equipment developed by Innofreight can be used on the 1,435mm, 1,520mm and 1,668mm rail gauges all over Europe.

We cordially invite you to visit us at the booth FGL 804/1 and on the tracks FGL 1/4, 2/7 and 2/2.