News 2019

13 Jun 2019

Handover of the first Smart GigaWood wagon in Czech Republic

On the 11th of June at the Fair “Czech Rail Days” in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Innofreight handed over the 90ft Smart GigaWood wagon. This wagon will be put into operation as part of the project “Block trains to Mondi Štětí” in cooperation with Wood & Paper and ČD Cargo.

The advantage for the customers is a higher payload up to 50% per block train. Wagon can carry all lengths of wood from 2.4 m to 6 m and thanks to the absence of tension belts, the high stanchions, the end walls and no saddle loading the loading and unloading can be done easier and faster.

At the ceremonial handover Mr. Bednarik (ČD), Mr. Valach (W&P) and Mr. Wanek-Pusset (IF) shaken hands and promised to each other a long and successful corporation with the Smart GigaWood.

We would like to thank all those involved for this great achievement and we look forward to the upcoming results.