News 2019

11 Oct 2019

Climate Justice Now

#fridaysforfuture – climate justice – future oriented environmental policy: Keywords that manage to bring thousands of people on the streets every friday, demonstrating for the future of our planet. As a young and innovative company one of Innofreight´s most important goals is to create awareness for our environment and to work as ecological as possible. Together with Fridays for Future Austria we tried to find a way to direct even more attention towards the mission of climate justice.

“Climate Justice Now” is the slogan you can now read on a block train from Innofreight, consisting of WoodTainer XXL, throughout Europe. A slogan that describes perfectly what Innofreight wants for the future: Moving the transport of freights away from the roads and towards the rails, to ensure justice for our climate and our planet now.

Our role model is Greta Thunberg because climate protection is something everybody is involved in.