News 2020

29 Sep 2020

New: ChemieTainer unloading solution

For innovative containers you need innovative unloading systems. In addition to our forklifts and stationary unloading systems, we have now developed an unloading solution especially for our ChemieTainer.

The system consists of three parts: a Terminal Tractor, a Translifter and a Cassette. Translifter and Cassette were built particularly for this unloading process and increase flexibility especially  for “the last kilometer” because the unloading does not necessarily have to happen next to the tracks. The container is being lifted onto the cassette and can be unloaded anywhere. Since the unloading process is disconnected from the tracks it is also possible to protect the condition of the wagon as it does not come into contact with the transported material.

Furthermore, this whole system increases work space safety immensely as the unloading can be controlled via remote. The operator can easily keep distance to the unloading process.

Innovative solutions for innovative customers. Our ChemieTainer unloading system makes it possible.