News 2020

7 Oct 2020

Swiss GigaWood on track

With the transports for Swiss Krono, our GigaWood wagon has conquered the next European country. This time we are going west: 14 90ft wagons are now on the road for the international company Swiss Krono AG located in Switzerland, transporting timber with a length of three to five meters.

As we are used to, loading and unloading works without any problems – much to the delight of our customer Swiss Krono. Together with Widmer Rail, our wagons will now regularly transport timber to the Swiss location of the company.

Once again, the advantages of our GigaWood wagon were convincing: Up to 50 percent more payload per block train, no tensioning straps, three-meter high stanchions, end walls and of course the elimination of saddle loading, in order to guarantee a faster, easier and safer loading and unloading process.

With our GigaWood, we think about tomorrow today.