News 2017

13 Sep 2017

15 years Innofreight!

Incredible 15 years we have left behind us – that’s a reason to celebrate!

On 12th of September 2017 the birthday celebration took place at the freight terminal in St. Michael. We celebrated together with 400 guests, business partners and customers from all over Europe. With an atmospheric ambience, lively music, excellent food and exciting items on the programme like an innovation train, which demonstrated the company’s history through pictures, we reviewed the past years together with our guests and looked at the future innovations of Innofreight.

We are proud of 10 million container loads so far, 150 million tons of freight on the rail, a 10,000 container and 800 wagon-sized fleet, 50 Innofreight-owned forklifts, 6 stationary unloading systems and the avoidance of 1 million tons of CO2 emissions due to the environmentally friendly transport by rail.

The festive atmosphere of the celebration represented the strong and honest bond to our customers and partners, which could be built over the last 15 years. A huge thank you goes to all of you, who were part of our last 15 years in any way. We look forward to further years of future-oriented cooperation. With YOU we continue to be on the road to success!

Video/Photos: Innofreight/Foto Freisinger