News 2019

22 Jan 2019

First train with lump iron ore unloaded at U.S. Steel Košice

On the 16th January 2019, Innofreight unloaded the first train with 15 InnoWaggons equipped with 90 MonTainer XM. The 20 t heavy containers were loaded with lump iron ore (grain size 0-30 mm) in the port of Świnoujście (POL) and unloaded at US Steel Košice (SVK) with a Kalmar DCF 370 forklift into the freestanding hopper with height of 3.850 mm.

The unloading time is 3 minutes / container. The loaded iron ore falls out and the small frozen residues in the corners and walls can easily be shaken off. The result is a completely empty container. Once again Innofreight proved, that our technology makes the loading not just faster, but also more efficient.

We would like to thank all those involved for this great achievement and we look forward to the upcoming results.