News 2021

5 Nov 2021

Climate Walk: Climate change is faster than our wagons

There are things that are far faster than our wagons – climate change, for example. We work every day to reduce CO2 emissions and shift raw material transports to rail. Sustainable climate policy is a major concern for us. For this reason, we embrace initiatives that are particularly concerned with the effects of the climate crisis and offer them a place for their messages.

That’s why we are now supporting Climate Walk – an initiative that tackles climate change on a whole new level.  In summer 2021, the group walked through Austria for over two months. Next year, a long-distance hike is planned across Europe, from Sweden to Portugal. 12,000 kilometers will be covered on foot in 18 months and 16 countries will be hiked through. On the various parts of the route, everyone is invited to join the “Wanderers of Changing Worlds.” The goal: to engage in conversation with a wide variety of people across Europe and explore the impact of the climate crisis.

Yesterday, a set of 40 WoodTainers XXL fresh from refurbish was sent off to transport wood chips across Europe. 29 more will follow in the next few weeks.

As Innofreight, we are proud to offer Climate Walk a platform and to raise awareness of an issue that affects us all. Therefore, also the appeal: Together through Europe – Walk the change. Because climate change is a lot faster than our wagons and that concerns us all.

If you are interested in what they are doing, you can check them out on their WebsiteInstagram and Facebook.

Picture credit: Innofreight/Bernhard Schindler