News 2021

26 Nov 2021

New year, new annual review

Just in time for the end of the year, the new annual review is ready and shows what we were able to implement this year. In the middle of another year marked by a pandemic, we proved that Innofreight’s modular concept for rail freight transport is crisis-proof. Despite challenges such as rising raw material prices and supply shortages, major projects were successfully implemented. Our team has also continued to grow in these uncertain times.

Innofreight is starting its anniversary year and will celebrate the 20th birthday in September 2022. Before that, we look back on a successful year 2021 and focus on what we do best: developing the most efficient logistics solutions for rail freight transport in close cooperation with our customers. 19 years after the company was founded, the Innofreight system has become established and there is no technology that can keep up with ours.

Companies in 20 European countries rely on Innofreight. With this annual review, we want to show how broad our range of services is. At the same time we want to reflect the dimensions within which we operate — still according to the same motto that has accompanied us every day for 19 years now: „Moving Limits“.

Browse through it now and see for yourself what Innofreight has achieved this year:
Annual Review 2021