News 2015

9 Feb 2015

The Innowaggons and steel pallets employed for transports of blooms for voestalpine Stahl Donawitz

With a net load amounting to 148 tonnes on a double waggon and with its weight of only 32 tonnes, the Innowaggon constitutes currently the most efficient type of waggons for the transports of Blooms. Blooms are placed on 3 steel pallets, while the two outer pallets are equipped with short stanchions to secure the load.

This year Innofreight will introduce also other pallet systems onto the market. The works on the systems intended for the transportation of hot-rolled coils are still in progress. As a result we will be able to offer flexible solutions to the steel industry. Solutions that will be adapted for any type of load. All this will be possible thanks to our optimised and universally employed container platform wagons (=Innowaggons).

Innofreight  will present this wagon at the Transport & Logistic Exhibition in Munich at the beginning of May.