News 2023

23 Mar 2023

InnoTainer Coils Lite: hot & cold, optimized coil transport

At Innofreight we always strive to optimize our products. We want to offer the best possible solution for our customer’s needs. With the InnoTainer Coils Lite, we developed an even more efficient and cost-optimized solution for the transport of hot and cold rolled coils.

The InnoTainer Coils Lite enables the flexible transport of rolled coils with up to 80 °C, with various diameters and widths. The tarpaulin protects the loaded goods against environmental influences, can be opened from each side and is operated by one single person. The optimized central locking and automatic coil securing with piano keys offers the highest safety standards.

In combination with our 2×30 ft InnoWaggon the InnoTainer Coils Lite provides a high payload of up to 143 tons and fully utilizes the wagon capacity for track class D. The new InnoTainer Coils Lite simplifies coil transports and is the solution for the transport of semi-finished products.