News 2022

28 Jul 2022

Ceremonial opening: stationary unloading machine in Mělník

A few months ago, we successfully completed another project and delivered a stationary unloading machine (SUM) to our customer SDKD in Mělník, Czech Republic. SDKD is a subsidiary of the largest Czech energy supplier ČEZ. Next to the SUM the project also involved the implementation of three block trains, each with 60 MonTainers XXL on 15 InnoWaggons 80 ft and an automatic electrical shunting robot.

Although the machine has already been successfully in operation since January, we took the ceremonial opening to celebrate the project with our partners, customers and suppliers and to thank them for the good cooperation. Besides Peter Wanek-Pusset, the CEO from Innofreight, Miroslav Krpec, CEO of the Mělník power plant and David Zajonček, CEO from SDKD said some nice words. They are all very satisfied with the SUM, which was visited later.

Our stationary unloading machines ensure a smooth operation all year round and still provide a safe workplace. Work is done from an air-conditioned cabin – no noise, no dirt and only one person operating the joystick that controls the entire system.