News 2024

22 May 2024

Malta Multi Modal – connecting plants by rail

The new logistics concept for Kronospan saves 2,800 truck trips per year.

Rail transport optimization is one of the main tasks of MaltaMultiModal. Under this name, Kronospan and Innofreight are developing joint solutions to improve the transportation of goods by rail. A first project has already been implemented: The shift of glue transports from the plant in Lampertswalde, Germany to Salzburg, Austria from road to rail.

Instead of 40 weekly truck trips, a block train with ten 2×40 ft InnoWaggons and ISO tank containers now brings the glue to Salzburg once a week for chipboard production. In direct comparison, rail transport saves around 80 percent CO2. Every year, this transport takes 2,800 trucks off the road and shifts 65,000 tons of goods to rail.

The aim of Malta Multi Modal is to offer future-oriented logistics solutions and thus make the production process holistically sustainable. In this way, Kronospan can also ensure the efficient use of the valuable raw material wood.