News 2014

7 Feb 2014

Transportation of coal in Innofreight’s WoodTainers with CD-Cargo

CD-Cargo uses the WoodTainer systems for the transportation of coal to the power station in Plzen as a substitution for the Fals self unloading waggons.

The increased load capacity, the improved suitability for use during the winter and the compatibility with biomass result in considerable logistic advantages thanks to the uniform technology. For the purpose of the rotary unloading Innofreight uses both the 45-feet Kalmar rotary unloading forklift truck and the newly developed rotary equipment with the weight-bearing capacity amounting to a maximum of 36 tonnes.

This is the first major series production of WoodTainer systems for the transportation of coal. Combined with the new InnoWaggon, the load capacity may be increased to 61 tonnes for the track class C. As far as large amounts (from approximately 2 mln tonnes per year) are concerned, we are planning to use the stationary unloading machine instead of a forklift truck for the purpose of unloading.

In the future the WoodTainers will transport coal and biomass on the way to the power station and then transport ash on the way back. This will optimise the transportation and reduce the logistics costs.