News 2016

18 Aug 2016

The InnoWaggon employed for the wood transportation in Scandinavia

It is both the 80-feet InnoWaggon, developed by Innofreight, and the high strength post systems, optimised for the Swedish loading gauge, that render it possible to increase the load per block train by approximately 25%.

Due to its light weight, it is impossible to overload the wagon and that guarantees even greater safety of the rail transport. The modular concept of the InnoWaggon developed by Innofreight gained yet another innovative application – it is now employed also as a round wood wagon.

Furthermore, both Innofreight’s and Tatravagonka’s products were introduced at the Innotrans in Berlin in the open-air area. We had an opportunity to present our steel logistics solutions to a wide group of international customers during ECIC, the European Coke and Ironmaking Congress in Linz.