News 2023

10 May 2023

420 SurfaceWaterTanks for K+S

Innofreight’s SurfaceWaterTanks transport saline water. At the transport logistic fair 2023, representatives of K+S and Innofreight signed a contract for the delivery of additional 60 2×40 ft InnoWaggons and 120 SurfaceWaterTanks.

The German mining company K+S has been using these containers since 2020 and has switched almost all of its transport of saline water to Innofreight equipment. There are already 150 InnoWaggons with 300 containers in use. The SurfaceWaterTanks are customized to the requirements of K+S: With an optimized capacity payload per double wagon, the SurfaceWaterTank is Innofreight’s largest tank container.

In addition, the Innofreight Group takes over the complete maintenance of the wagons and containers. For this purpose, Innofreight is investing in the expansion of a professional wagon workshop in Vacha, Germany, near the K+S plant Werra.


Photo Credit (Photo SurfaceWaterTank): Sebastian Bollmann