For the purpose of transportation of heavy bulk cargo which is unloaded by means of gravity unloading, Innofreight developed the RockTainer System.

The 30-feet heavy load containers are supported by 8 points of support on the InnoWaggon. There are two basic types of RockTainers – one of them intended for dosed unloading – the INFRA RockTainer – and the other one intended for swift unloading – the ORE RockTainer.


For the purpose of dosed unloading of for instance track ballast, we developed the INFRA RockTainer..

A hydraulic axle pump loads pistons accumulators on the way. The unloading takes place by means of activating the hydraulic unloading flaps on the container along with the simultaneous positioning of unloading chutes that has to be done each time (right, left, within and outside of the railway). Both RockTainers placed on a double waggon are being unloaded from the operating platform.


For the purpose of unloading heavy bulk cargo for instance in deep bunker units, we developed the ORE RockTainer.

The unloading flaps are activated pneumatically, separately for each chamber or simultaneously for the whole waggon. The use of solid steel resistant to wear and tear enabled us to optimise the weight and to create conditions for reliable operation.


Separating the structure from the waggon creates great operational advantages.

For example, in case of any damage the containers can be exchanged and repaired separately, regardless of the InnoWaggon. However, the decisive factor is the load which has been significantly increased when compared to that of the usually used special waggons – and all that is possible thanks to the combination of the weight-optimised InnoWaggon and the load-optimised RockTainer.