For the purpose of bulk cargo transportation in combined transport we developed the 30-feet AgroTainer.

We distinguish between two basic types of containers – one is a container with an open top (the AgroTainer Open-Top) for the transportation of moisture sensitive materials and the other one is a closed container with a steel roof (the XXL AgroTainer). Both containers are 2,670 mm high (profile C22) and 2,550 mm wide.


The AgroTainer XXXL offers several loading and unloading techniques:

These containers are perfect for return loads with bulk cargo and pallet goods. Four manhole covers installed on the steel roof are responsible for the loading of bulk cargo. In this case we employ dosed unloading done by means of tipping backwards over a flap. Additionally, for the purpose of the transportation of pallets we can use rear and side doors. Typical loads are the following: corn, sugar, salt, chemical products and heavy pallets.


The AgroTainers Open-Top are mainly used by our customers in one-way swift cycles or in return loads in combination 'bulk cargo – bulk cargo'.

Due to their robust construction and substantial loading volume of 50m3, these containers are all-purpose. The reloading (also when fully loaded) is done as requested, for instance with a reach stacker or with the conventional forklift truck. Typical loads are the following: coke, scrap metal, waste paper.


The AgroTainer System is fully compatible with other Innofreight's container systems such as for instance with the WoodTainer System.

Both the AgroTainer and the WoodTainer may be unloaded by means of the rotary unloading forklift truck, therefore you have the possibility to choose whatever modules you want us to employ depending on what kind of a logistics solution you seek. In addition to our weight-optimised containers we also offer you compatible trailers for pre- and onward carriage. With its weight of only around 3 tonnes you will manage to maximise the loads when using our AgroTrailers.